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How’s that resolution going?


Here’s the thing that almost everyone misses with the whole “resolution” phase. It’s all very well trying to will yourself to do something (be more wealthy, eat healthily, exercise regularly, be nice to everyone), but resolve alone is a limited resource: there’s only so much of it available to you in any one day!

So if you use it all up on resisting that don’t, the rest of the day may feel like torture as life presents temptation after temptation.

Sometimes, you have to bring out the big stick!

I believe that anything (well almost anything) is possible if you want it badly enough, and you are prepared to “do the work.”

I also believe that we have to ask ourselves this question: “How badly do I want this?”

Maybe the answer ends up being “not much” in which case, the “resolution” has already lost its resolve.

But if the answer is that you do want what the “resolution” is offering, and you want it badly enough, then you will move heaven and earth to get there.

Then there’s that “do the work” part. There’s no point in “doing the work” if it’s the wrong work!

Especially when it comes to hot yoga. With a few fine adjustments and tweaks to suit your personal practice, you could be getting so much more benefit than you are currently.

Reference- Hot Yoga.

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