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5 Yoga Revelations from the Heart of India


I had the good fortune to recently spend a month in the chaos and grace that is India.

We took a group of yogis on a Hanuman Adventure to Rishikesh, where we immersed in the wisdom of the land and sat with many master teachers, including Anand Mehrotra, founder of Sattva Yoga Academy.

As we journeyed to temples, meditated in caves, dipped in the Ganga, and absorbed the rich wisdom teachings, I felt an extraordinary shift in my consciousness begin to occur. The big transformation happened on the banks of the holy river. Here are some of my insights:
1 – Grace is always available.

Beneath the surface of the fluctuating mind is a constant, ever-present ocean of grace. When you stay on the surface, you only experience the chaos. You get easily agitated by the commotion, the honk of horns, the cow pooh in your path. You resist and fear the unknown, wanting to control what is happening around you. You suffer.

In every moment, no matter what is happening on the surface, you can inquire deeper. Simply drop into your breath. Notice the beauty in the reflection on the water and in the eyes of those you see. Settle into the rhythm of your heart and soften into the flow of being. Experience the miracle of life happening in each moment. Here… Grace is here.

Grace is always available. Our task is simply to make ourselves available to Grace.


2 – Trust the natural flow.

Nature is ultra intelligent. Not only are the rivers and mountains and birds and bacteria a part of this natural intelligence, but so are you and I. The life thriving on this planet is a miracle of natural intelligence happening every single moment.

Nature’s got this.

You or I attempting to assert our “will” upon her is silly…futile. A much better choice is to harmonize with her divine flow. Don’t force yourself against the current. Surrender into the natural intelligence guiding you. Don’t try to control it, or mold it to the desire of your ego-personality. Get silent. Listen from deep within the silence. Be patient. Wait for it. When the knowing comes, trust and flow.
3 – Over-efforting is way over-rated.

In our culture, over-efforting is a way of life. Everyone is constantly trying to make something of themselves to avoid being a “nobody”. Being way too busy is normal and the status quo is constantly feeling “not enough”.

Whoa, nelly. Who agreed to that one?

Instead of encouraging us to be “somebody”, the essence of yoga really teaches us to let go into nobody — to merge our isolated, individual ego-personalities into union with pure consciousness. We understand that we are all sparks of the same brilliant light. We are all meant to shine, just as we are. We are born into this life innately enough. The journey is to remember that.


4 – It is all one big, happy paradox.

There is one, infinite and indivisible, AND there are many. They are both true. You are spirit AND you are human. They are both true. This universe is infinite and limitless AND from the perspective of the human nervous system, time is limited. They are both true.

We can embody and experience our infinite, divine nature AND live an ordinary human life, taking care of the kids and washing the dishes.

It is not one or the other. It is both and.

Open your mind to the understanding that paradox is the nature of life. Release the rigidity of “right” and “wrong”. Get curious about what you think you know. Open yourself to all possibilities.
5 – The mind will never go away.

Even if you achieve “expert meditator status” you will still have thoughts. You will still experience the monkey mind. Fears will come and go. You will sometimes feel irritated.

Something Anand Mehrotra said resonates so deeply for me: “Enlightenment is not the end, it is the beginning of life.”


You simply awaken to the paradox. You understand that the monkey mind is not everything. You get better at letting the thoughts pass right on through without sticking. When the ego rears its fantastical head, you ignore it and look towards grace.

As I integrate back into the rhythm of life here in Colorado, preparing for our annual yogi reUnion at Hanuman Festival this June and the launch of our new online Hanuman Academy, the course with Anand Mehrotra, I am so grateful for these revelations. Yoga is an ever-expanding journey. No matter if you are new to yoga or have practiced for decades, there is always something to understand and embody at a deeper level.

This June 15-18, 2017 in Boulder, CO we gather for Hanuman Festival, our conscious and heartfelt national gathering, to study with master teachers and grow in powerful ways. Featuring Seane Corn, Rod Stryker, Amy Ippoliti, Sianna Sharman and so many others. Experience the power of nourishing community to uplift and inspire your highest potential and wellbeing.

And next March I will be back in Rishikesh for another epic Hanuman Adventure, and until then and forever more I choose to live yoga each and every moment, on and off the mat. Jai Hanuman!


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Mi encuentro con mi maestro de Sattva-

En el verano del 2013, tuve la oportunidad de tomar un journey de Sattva Yoga con su fundador el renombrado master de yoga Anand Mehrotra en Los Ángeles, California. La primera vez que experimenté Sattva Yoga, mis ojos no dejaban de derramar lágrimas de gracia por haber practicado una técnica muy liberadora que incluye Pranayama, Asana, Kriyas, Meditación y movimientos sufíes y estáticos. Fue como experimentar un entrenamiento cósmico que me liberaba de varias cargas emocionales y corporales en varios planos, no sólo el físico. Fue un verdadero descubrimiento. Había llegado a mí una yoga nueva y muy ancestral a la vez que va más allá de la postura.

En ese mismo año seguí tomando clases de Sattva Yoga en Los Ángeles y decidí lanzarme a la gran aventura de entrenarme con él personalmente como maestra de Sattva Yoga en su centro de retiros: Sattva Retreat en Los Himalayas, India, en Rishikesh. La idea de ir con él en las montañas sagradas donde los Rishis y yoguis recibieron la ciencia de la meditación y yoga, era una bendición y regalo del creador, pues yo ya tenía 4 años dando cursos de meditación y la enseñanza que yo imparto viene directamente de esa zona del mundo.
Cuando llegué a Los Himalayas en India, el paraíso del universo, como se le conoce, vi con mis propios ojos porque los maestros recibieron la ciencia veda precisamente en este lugar. Es un lugar extraordinario y lleno de belleza natural. El Sattva Retreat un lugar único lleno de paz, buen gusto y con encantadoras vistas de las montañas y el río que pasa por un lado, el cual es un océano hermoso para la meditación y aquellos que ya tienen una práctica establecida.  La yoga que aprendí allí, en el entrenamiento para maestros, ha sido transformadora y liberadora no sólo para mí, si no para muchas personas y para muchos de mis alumnos. Los maestros que hemos tomado el entrenamiento sentimos como si nunca hubiéramos dejado ese lugar mágico donde parece que uno se recarga de una energía universal con la naturaleza del lugar y la sabiduría del maestro Anand Mehrotra.
Para concluir esta reseña me gustaría compartir que actualmente enseñó Sattva Yoga en Los Ángeles, CA y doy cursos en México varias veces al año. La práctica de Sattva yoga ha transformado y ayudado a muchas personas. Estoy muy agradecida con mi maestro fundador de Sattva y con toda la familia de maestros y personas que hemos experimentado juntos un verdadero estado de gozo, gracia y conciencia juntos.  He llegado a pensar muchas veces que las personas que llegan a Sattva Yoga Retreat o toman los cursos de entrenamiento son personas listas para ello y privilegiadas con una apertura global, universal, profesionales, cool, inteligentes y conscientes, verdaderos líderes del mundo actual que sirven y aportan a la sociedad, pues han trascendido a un mundo monótono o de condicionamiento y se han dado cuenta de la importancia del ser, la salud, la sabiduría, el servicio y el bienestar.  Muchos de los que hemos coincido en Sattva Retreat y en sus cursos, tenemos distintas profesiones y tipo de trabajos y verdaderas responsabilidades en la comunidad, pero nos une un estado de conciencia donde lo que importa es reconocer nuestra verdadera identidad y la capacidad de trascender para vivir la vida que siempre hemos deseado y podamos aportar a los demás.
Me encantaría que sattva yoga y las enseñanzas de su fundador lleguen a otros países del mundo y que muchos lleguen a Sattva Retreat para que experimenten un bienestar mágico y lleno de gracia.

Santa María Rivera
Educóloga, Instructora de Meditación y Yoga.
Los Ángeles, CA/ Guadalajara, Mexico

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