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Yoga Poses That Can Alleviate Your Back Pain Easily

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline. It improves not only physical health but mental and spiritual health too and makes you more flexible both physically and mentally. In Yoga and meditation, the body, breath and mind are seen as a union of these multi-dimensional aspects of every human being. It has become very popular in the West. The main aim of yoga to keep body and mind fit and it does more than burn calories and tone muscles. You can join yoga teacher training to get benefits of yoga under the guidence of an experts or spiritual yoga gurus.

Yoga controls many disease and disorders and have a lot of health benefits. In the Gym typically you improve your physical health. Exercises have core effects on the body parts where yoga has a control on both body and mind. Everybody knows about yoga but very few people know the traditional name of yoga is “Yog” means “to unite” or “to join together”. It unites the spirit and physical body together.

Yoga has a power to boost your immune system and prevent many diseases. It has over-all fitness health benefits. A yoga teacher training also has mentally health benefits, physically health benefits and spiritually health benefits. Some yoga poses also can be used to heal back pain. There are some yoga poses in this infographic that can alleviate your back pain.



Say Goodbye to Back pain Just in Four Simple Steps Formula with Yoga

In a class of yoga schools or a yoga teacher training can’t tell you these types of formulas. This is a “secret” – and fast – formula for fixing a backache and you should not that, if you have an injury, or suspect you have one, it’s always an idea to see somebody professional about it especially if you have any doubts.

But niggles and odd aches and pains can happen when you:

* Do some gardening.

* Do a full day’s desk works.

* Lift something heavy (say, packing boxes when moving house).

* Clean around the place / do chores (cars / house).

* Round forward for prolonged periods (manual labor etc).

Many doctors suggest you to avoid the activity and it’s very important to rest and even take anti-inflammatories  if you have an acutely sore and reactive back. This is a four step formula with great news that doing a well thought-out selection of backbends (for just about any niggle or ache) may actually restore your back to shiny and new.

Step 1:- Use a slightly under-inflated size 3 soccer or basketball (no bigger than c9 inches in diameter) and place it under the lower lumbar spine (or sacrum if you are very weak). Hold it there with 2 hands and do 10-20 leg lifts. If you can’t lift your legs off the floor, move the book closer to your tailbone.

You can see the demonstrating this here

Step 2:- Do 2 – 3 yoga Cobra Poses.


You know Bikram style where you place your hands on the floor behind your shoulders. Rest those hands passively without pushing down and don’t use them at all in the lift.

You can see the demonstrating this click here

Step 3:- Do another 2-3 yoga Cobra Poses but this time make them arm-assisted Iyengar-style Cobras.

Place your hands a little forward of your shoulders.

Squeeze your lower body firm again as you did before. But this time, as you look up and lift up, position your shoulders down and back away from your ears and lift your body as high up off the floor as you can.

Your arms may be straight or could hold a slight bend depending on your body geometry and possibly the discomfort levels you have in your back.

Rest between and after your Cobras.

Step 4:- Take yoga Child’s Pose


Keep your hands under your shoulders, your spine neutral, push up onto all 4s and bring your hips to your heels for yoga child’s pose.

See Half Tortoise photos here to turn this into Child’s Pose just bring your arms back beside you and no need to focus on any “extension or flatness” – just relax.

A surprising effect:

Do you know that feeling in your body when you are coming down with something like the flu? That’s all over achy feeling by using this formula? Yoga has a power to change the lives and your body positively. This formula is really works.

The back pain is one of the major health problems in the USA. Most of the people have not a permanent treatment for the back pain. There are six more yoga poses that can help to relief from back pain. You can also try these yoga poses that can help with back pain and you can do these poses anywhere-

  1. Downward Facing Dog
  2. Upward Facing Dog
  3. Seated Forward Fold
  4. Seated Spinal Twist
  5. Lower Back Clasp
  6. Sphinx Pose

To check out more details about these poses and more click

These yoga poses may be the best alternative for back pain relief and you can get rid backache.

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15 Amazing and Rare Yoga Pose Most People Don’t Want to Try

15 Amazing Yoga Poses

1- Handstand Scorpion:- It is hard enough, might be challenging for most people. It is a really lovely pose.

1 copy


2- Half Lotus Crow:- It engages multiple muscles that constantly contract. It’s all about backbend.

2 copy


3- King Pigeon Pose:- yoga pose works the upper back and arms, as well as the core.

3 copy


4- Scorpion With a Broken Tail:- This yoga pose are insanely challenging and this pose is so named because the body resembles a scorpion with its tail arched above its head.

4 copy


5- Big Toe Bow:- Teardrop Bow or Big Toe Bow Pose is known as Padangustha Dhanurasana. It is a advanced variation.

5 copy



6- Peacock:- This pose you balance with your body parallel to the ground. It isn’t for everyone.

6 copy


7- Sleeping Yogi:- In this pose put your foot behind your head in the Sleeping Yogi Pose. For most people, it’d be painful.

7 copy


8- Hummingbird:- This is a gorgeous arm balancing yoga pose. This pose  requires amazingly open hips, as well as upper-body strength.

8 copy


9- Peacock Variation:- This is a crazy variation of peacock pose. In this pose get your legs in that bent position with peacock pose.

9 copy


10- Firefly B:- It is an arm balance pose that requires more core strength than arm strength.

10 copy


11- One-Legged Staff:- It’s similar to the grounding backbend Inverted Staff pose but this variation is no joke.

11 copy


12- Drop Back:- This pose requires the spinal flexibility of Wheel pose along with some serious core strength.

12 copy


13- Standing Flying Crow:- This arm balancing pose increases arm strength, core strength, and balance.

13 copy


14- Leg Behind the Head Sage:- Sage pose works your core and upper body but leg behind is a advance pose.

141 copy



15- Eight Crooked Limbs:- This pose strengthens the arms and the spines ability. This arm balance is also an extreme twist pose.

15 copy


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12 Easy and Simple Yoga Poses to Relieve Back Pain

12 Easy and Simple Yoga Poses to Relieve Back Pain ASAP:-

Low back has been the most common symptom that affects the whole body. The pain in the lower back region is generally occurring phenomenon in people between the age group of 25 to 30 years. The most affected area of the body is the vertebrate or spinal cord region the body. The impact of stress forces the spinal column which causes the vertebral disc to be ruptured causing immense pain in the lower back region. Here are 12 simple yoga poses and position that will help you to relieve your back pain as soon as possible effectively. There is many questions arises about yoga.

1 1-  Seated Forward Pose- The trickiest of all the Yoga asanas which helps to relieve back pain from inflexibility. The pose can be performed in a seated mode with stretching your legs straight and forward now Bend your hips and try to reach for the feet.


2 copy                                                                                    2- Child Pose- Try to sit with the hip resting on your heels and bring your arms in forward direction. Take deep breaths and try to reach for the torso. The posture offers an instant relief from back pain.


3 copy3- Locust Pose- To do the pose first lye on the floor with your abdomen region. Raise your legs and Head with the clutching of your palms together tightly. Bring your arms and legs away from the floor.     It will make your lower back portion stronger and flexible.

4 copy                                                                                  4- Cow Position- Place your back in arch position, while placing your knees and hands at alternate direction. The yoga pose helps to keep your torso and spine region in better shape.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

5 copy

5- Plow Pose- To do it Lye on the floor with your hands kept firm on the ground for extra assistance. Bring your toes to the top while bending your hip region on top of the floor.


6 copy                                                                          6- Eagle Pose- The most celebrated posture that helps to maintain proper balance in the lower back portion. This position needs your knees to be bent, while lifting your right leg while reaching your right thigh above the left foot. Now put your right arm under the left and bring your palms together in one position

7- copy7- Triangle Pose- This stretching posture can help in dipping the rate of your back pain. Make an arch by standing in straight line and stretch your legs. Now extend your arms to the side, keep your left hand upwards while rotating your body to sideways.


8 copy                                                                              8- Spinal Twist- The main position that helps in reducing back pain is the use of spinal twist or famously known as Marichyasana C pose. Bend your right leg and keeps your left leg in to straight position. Keep your right hand on the floor and twist your left elbow over your right thigh.

9 copy9- Wall Plank- To perform this L shape pose you have to stand in front of the wall, straighten your palms to reach at the walls. Now bend forward with your head facing down-hill and take deep breath in the process. The stretching must be completed within 2 minutes.


10 copy                                                                  10- Pigeon Pose- Start with sitting straight on the floor placing your hands in front bends your right leg, while keeping your left leg behind the back and pull up your abdominal muscles. Also take 5 to 10 mouthful of air while practicing this pose.


11 copy                                                                             11- Downward Dog- The position helps to lower back pain very in a great manner. To perform the pose Flatten your palms on the floor and balance your hips on the ground. 5 to 10 breath in this pose will work on spinal grip.


12 copy                                                                                      12- Bow Pose- This yoga position creates a bow shaped structure making your lower back part liberated from pain and makes spinal cord strong and free from injury. To carry out this pose you need to lie down on the floor from your abdominal region. Now try to reach towards ankles and grasp them. You can slowly ascend your chest and thighs together from the floor.

Yoga promotes a healthy well-being for every individual but on the contrary in some cases of severe back pain, you can also seek for medical assistance from certified health experts. These yoga poses are very useful in lower back pain can relieve in back pain easily. Yoga has a great power to remove all negative energies from the mind and body. Yoga is a powerful tool to enjoy the peace of mind.