Say Goodbye to Back pain Just in Four Simple Steps Formula with Yoga

In a class of yoga schools or a yoga teacher training can’t tell you these types of formulas. This is a “secret” – and fast – formula for fixing a backache and you should not that, if you have an injury, or suspect you have one, it’s always an idea to see somebody professional about it especially if you have any doubts.

But niggles and odd aches and pains can happen when you:

* Do some gardening.

* Do a full day’s desk works.

* Lift something heavy (say, packing boxes when moving house).

* Clean around the place / do chores (cars / house).

* Round forward for prolonged periods (manual labor etc).

Many doctors suggest you to avoid the activity and it’s very important to rest and even take anti-inflammatories  if you have an acutely sore and reactive back. This is a four step formula with great news that doing a well thought-out selection of backbends (for just about any niggle or ache) may actually restore your back to shiny and new.

Step 1:- Use a slightly under-inflated size 3 soccer or basketball (no bigger than c9 inches in diameter) and place it under the lower lumbar spine (or sacrum if you are very weak). Hold it there with 2 hands and do 10-20 leg lifts. If you can’t lift your legs off the floor, move the book closer to your tailbone.

You can see the demonstrating this here

Step 2:- Do 2 – 3 yoga Cobra Poses.


You know Bikram style where you place your hands on the floor behind your shoulders. Rest those hands passively without pushing down and don’t use them at all in the lift.

You can see the demonstrating this click here

Step 3:- Do another 2-3 yoga Cobra Poses but this time make them arm-assisted Iyengar-style Cobras.

Place your hands a little forward of your shoulders.

Squeeze your lower body firm again as you did before. But this time, as you look up and lift up, position your shoulders down and back away from your ears and lift your body as high up off the floor as you can.

Your arms may be straight or could hold a slight bend depending on your body geometry and possibly the discomfort levels you have in your back.

Rest between and after your Cobras.

Step 4:- Take yoga Child’s Pose


Keep your hands under your shoulders, your spine neutral, push up onto all 4s and bring your hips to your heels for yoga child’s pose.

See Half Tortoise photos here to turn this into Child’s Pose just bring your arms back beside you and no need to focus on any “extension or flatness” – just relax.

A surprising effect:

Do you know that feeling in your body when you are coming down with something like the flu? That’s all over achy feeling by using this formula? Yoga has a power to change the lives and your body positively. This formula is really works.

The back pain is one of the major health problems in the USA. Most of the people have not a permanent treatment for the back pain. There are six more yoga poses that can help to relief from back pain. You can also try these yoga poses that can help with back pain and you can do these poses anywhere-

  1. Downward Facing Dog
  2. Upward Facing Dog
  3. Seated Forward Fold
  4. Seated Spinal Twist
  5. Lower Back Clasp
  6. Sphinx Pose

To check out more details about these poses and more click

These yoga poses may be the best alternative for back pain relief and you can get rid backache.

Please leave your comments – I love to read them!


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