What are The Things Makes a Yoga Teacher Great and How to Choose Best Studio?

-Great yoga teacher and great yoga studio-

It is great to start yoga practice and a yoga teacher is like a pillar of your whole yoga teacher training building. What makes a yoga teacher great? There are a few qualities that seem to be present in a great yoga instructor. A yoga master should be clean mind and body, if he or she takes alcohol or smoke then it’s difficult to discern the transformational role that yoga has played in his or her life. The main concern of a yoga teacher should be safety first.

yogastudio2 copy

Yoga should be an essential part of a teacher’s life and that his or her dedication to the practice is something that I should follow. A yoga teacher should be polite and respect to students. A yoga master who puts people down or calls out someone in a rude manner in front of the class can’t be a great instructor. He or she should be authentic and have a clear language to describe proper alignment; alignment pertains to safety and not simply looking cool. A teacher should be act or perform in a manner that risks being diametrically opposed to authenticity and integrity. He or she should have overall intension about the series they are teaching and should be flexible to adjust for the sundry levels and temperaments of the students. These are the common things a yoga teacher should have. A yoga teacher is a guide for the path of a yoga teacher training.

The focus of yoga teachers training is to unite the mind, spirit and body through the breath or prana. The practice of yoga generates the temperature to heat up the body and start moving the kundalini and gets blood flowing. Many teachers have the diplomas and think that they are ready to teach yoga classes. But a few of them are fully prepared to teach people.

The yoga has been popular over years and you can now find yoga studios and classes in most major cities’ corners. It is difficult to choose a great yoga studio for yoga teachers training. There are a few thing should keep in mind to choose a yoga studio for practicing yoga.

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  • Is studio or program is the Yoga Alliance registered? – The yoga studio you want to join should be Yoga Alliance registered. There are two levels of registry 200 hour yoga teachers training and 300 hour yoga teachers training.
  • Is the program taught by qualified instructors? – The program exist doesn’t means it is a quality program. You should examine that how many years of experience faculty have who lead the teacher training.
  • What price or fees? – You should know the total cost of the certification. Is there any hidden cost or not?
  • Know anyone who has graduated from the studio? – Try to know anyone who has graduate from that studio and tells about his or her experience with the studio.
  • Know the curriculum and classroom format? – Ask your teacher to show you the full curriculum and book list and know the format of hours.
  • How much yoga experience you required to apply? – One year of yoga practice is required to apply for potential teacher trainees. If a program requires no previous experience, this should raise a red flag.
  • The school teaches the styles of yoga you love and practice? – You should investigate the styles of yoga which teaches in the school.
  • What is the student-teacher ratio in the studio? – It means one teacher handle the how many students in a class.
  • The fair market price for Yoga Teacher Training? – What are the fair market prices for the program you want to join? And compare them with studio’s prices.

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The program graduates experience? – This could be a great source to know everything about the studio. A graduate can tell all about the studio.


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