15 Amazing and Rare Yoga Pose Most People Don’t Want to Try

15 Amazing Yoga Poses

1- Handstand Scorpion:- It is hard enough, might be challenging for most people. It is a really lovely pose.

1 copy


2- Half Lotus Crow:- It engages multiple muscles that constantly contract. It’s all about backbend.

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3- King Pigeon Pose:- yoga pose works the upper back and arms, as well as the core.

3 copy


4- Scorpion With a Broken Tail:- This yoga pose are insanely challenging and this pose is so named because the body resembles a scorpion with its tail arched above its head.

4 copy


5- Big Toe Bow:- Teardrop Bow or Big Toe Bow Pose is known as Padangustha Dhanurasana. It is a advanced variation.

5 copy



6- Peacock:- This pose you balance with your body parallel to the ground. It isn’t for everyone.

6 copy


7- Sleeping Yogi:- In this pose put your foot behind your head in the Sleeping Yogi Pose. For most people, it’d be painful.

7 copy


8- Hummingbird:- This is a gorgeous arm balancing yoga pose. This pose  requires amazingly open hips, as well as upper-body strength.

8 copy


9- Peacock Variation:- This is a crazy variation of peacock pose. In this pose get your legs in that bent position with peacock pose.

9 copy


10- Firefly B:- It is an arm balance pose that requires more core strength than arm strength.

10 copy


11- One-Legged Staff:- It’s similar to the grounding backbend Inverted Staff pose but this variation is no joke.

11 copy


12- Drop Back:- This pose requires the spinal flexibility of Wheel pose along with some serious core strength.

12 copy


13- Standing Flying Crow:- This arm balancing pose increases arm strength, core strength, and balance.

13 copy


14- Leg Behind the Head Sage:- Sage pose works your core and upper body but leg behind is a advance pose.

141 copy



15- Eight Crooked Limbs:- This pose strengthens the arms and the spines ability. This arm balance is also an extreme twist pose.

15 copy


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