Does Age Matters in Practicing Yoga?

This is a question: Is there an age limit for practicing yoga? Many people want answer. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how fat or how skinny, how young or how old, how strong or how weak. Everyone and anyone can practice yoga. Young or old and patients suffering from diseases can practice yoga.

Would you judge a yogi’s ability solely on their age or other aspects of their physical appearance? The answer is “No”. Anyone can’t judge the yogi’s ability solely on age or physical appearance. Here is example:

Jaysea Devoe has gotten a lot of press in the year 2014, as the youngest person to complete a 200-hour teacher training and register with Yoga Alliance at just 12 years old. Now 14, she is teaching a weekly family class for all ages in her hometown. In an interview, she seems grounded and wise, practices asana and meditation daily, volunteers, makes jewelry. Her slightly unconventional parents have encouraged all of their children pursue their passions to their fullest extent, and it shows. She is the world’s youngest standup paddle boarding instructor”. —From resource.

She teaches adults safely. What do you think? Is it possible for a 12 year old to be a safe and effective yoga instructor?


There is no age limit for doing yoga, any aged people may be a yoga professional, even very old. Yoga is like other things in that once people reach a certain age; they think it’s too late and that they’re too old to start. It is really ridiculous. The people in old age also can practice yoga with great benefits. The ancient books say that deep practice of yoga can even reverse the old age and making the yogis young. There may be overstatement but the good effects of yoga can be seen. Also the people suffering from various diseases can get benefits and get rid of their problems (Patients need to practice yoga under the direction of yoga Guru). Many people advice on practicing yoga in middle age, but ancient text says that “YOGA IS FOR ALL”.

People can do yoga at any age. It’s just a matter of picking what type of yoga you choose to do and working within your abilities. Yoga might even help you age better, keeping you elastic and building strength through low-impact moves. It can be a great option because it does not require any specialized equipment and can be done anywhere. It has a lot of benefits over the physical exercises. Yoga can beat the age. Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar a yoga teacher, when he was over 90 years old, he was capable of traveling to China and giving a three-day workshop consisting of classes that lasted for many hours each day. Mr. Iyengar is an example of what yoga can do for an aging human.

Yoga can do everything and can bring peace and wisdom. A person over 70 years old can teach about 18 classes a week and traveling, if he/she has a deep practice of yoga. From young adults to old and very old, very weak (physically and mentally) or strong, people suffering from diseases can practice yoga. All of them can achieve success in reaching the uppermost position in yoga (Under the direction of yoga expert). Yoga teachers training can improve the perfection in doing yoga.


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