10 Kid-Friendly and Easy Yoga Poses for Your Kids to Avoid Meltdown

Here is a list of 10 kid-friendly yoga poses for a child to encourage the children’s creativity. These yoga poses to help your child avoid a meltdown and help to convert the mental reactions into the physical reactions. Learning yoga at an early age can help children learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a healthy future and a regular yoga practice can boost your children’s immune system. The kids yoga poses practice can bring you more joy and happiness on and off the mat. Kids yoga poses can create a balance in kids’ body and keep active.


1- Bee’s Breath: – Sit on your knees- now bring your forehead slowly down to rest in front of your knees towards the ground like a bee and lift your arms back behind, now take deep breath many times.

bees copy

Breathing is a great way to help create a moment of pause to help release tension. It with your child can be even more effective when it is also fun. So do it with your child and get relaxed and “bee’s breath” is a great way to do this. This is a safe yoga pose for a child to avoid meltdown.

2- Cloud Pose: – Inhale and bend your knees, now “scoop” the invisible clouds in front of you and exhale and straighten your legs and lifting your arms above your head and enjoy the moment.

 cloud copy

This yoga pose can be very helpful to avoid the (invisible) frustration in front of both you and your child. This pose will calm down and relax both of you—and give you a few moments to rest. This is a great way to connect with your child. There are moments giving a child a new imagery to focus on can also go a long way to calm a disturbed central nervous system.

3- Cat Pose: – Inhale and look up and letting your spine drop low now exhale and tuck your chin and lifting your spine up high like a cat.

 cat copy

This yoga pose is very simple and kids enjoy it. The kids learn with this pose to change the way they’re feeling. This can be helpful when your child feel frustration, stress, or anger.

4- Child’s Pose: – Start with your knees and try to sit on your heels and bring your chest to rest on top of your thighs. Rest your arms alongside your body and now take a few deep breath and rest.

 child copy

This yoga pose may be helpful in night trouble. With this yoga pose your children feel relax and calm. It can be so helpful in stressful moments.

5- Tree Pose: – Stand with your feet together. Rest your foot on above your knees and balance. Now bring your palms together at your chest or in the air like branches.

 trees1 copy

Tell your child to breathe deeply and imagine feeling rooted like a tree or to mix it up, tell them it’s a windy day and try to keep your balance while swaying in the wind. This is a fun posture to do with kids because it requires stability.

6- Airplane Pose:- Lie on your tummy and lift your chest and shoulders up, look up, clasp your hands back behind you, and glide through the water like a shark.

 airplane copy

This yoga pose full of fun. Tell your children to imagine, they are flying in the sky and keep breathing.

7- Dragon Pose: – Stand on your one knee and other feet. Inhale and lift the arms up towards sky and exhale, lifting the head up like a dragon breathing fire.

dragon copy

This yoga pose builds strength within so is a good energizer. It helps us feel fearless when we might be nervous when we’re a bit tired.

8- Reverse Warrior: – Stand and starch your left knee ahead and other back. Bring the right hand down to rest on the right leg. Inhale the left arm up towards the sky and straight fingers. Look straight ahead or up at the ceiling.

reverse copy

This yoga pose stretches the side of the torso and arm and opens the hips and builds lower body strength with fun.

9- Snake Pose: – Lie on your tummy and place palms flat next to your face ahead. Now press into hands and lift head and shoulders off ground. Now hiss like a cobra snake.

snake copy

Snake pose also called “Sarpasana”, and helps straighten. It tones the ovaries, uterus and helps in menstrual and gynecological disorders. It keeps the spine supple, healthy and stimulates appetite. It is beneficial for kidneys and the liver also.

10- Frog Pose: – Stand with your feet hips width distance apart and bend your knees, squat down, and now place your hands with your feet. Now rock your weight slightly forward.

 frog copy

With this pose you will increase flexibility in your child’s hips and lower back and increase straighten.

Learning about yoga early and developing a practice with your kids is a great habit. It gets kids moving and engaged in a enjoyable physical activity and it also helps children feel more paying attention, calm and relaxed. Yoga has a great power to change your life. You can join yoga teachers training in Rishikesh India to learn deep yoga practice.

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